How It Ends

The other day I learned that a close friend, an athlete, has cancer.  Then on the radio I heard that 20 children were murdered by a mentally ill young man who never should have had a gun.  The North Korean government launched another missile.  The Syrian government continues to bomb its people.

It’s hard not to despair.

But it’s not over yet.  These tragedies are all terrible points in time that represent opportunities for good strong people to prevail.

Oppressive regimes will be overthrown.  Gun laws can be enacted.  It will take committed people prepared to make sacrifices but it can be done.

And my friend can beat cancer.  She’s a powerful person and the prognosis is improving.

Whatever the scale of the challenge, whether personal, business, community or global, we must never lose hope.  We are not helpless.  We must never give up because it’s through our actions that we change how it ends.

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Doug Michaelides (VP, Head of Sales & Marketing Practice)

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