What The World’s Largest Sporting Event Can Teach Us About Consumer Behaviour

by: Isabelle Perreault


The 2014 FIFA world cup is now under way and all eyes are on this event, likely via multiple digital devices/ screens. Even if you’re not a big fan, and you insist on calling it soccer, the largest sporting event in the world is still an excellent learning ground on the behaviour of the connected, multiscreen consumer:

  • During the 2010 World Cup, it was widely reported that fans spent over 26 million hours watching content online.
  • According to a recent survey with UK football fans, 63% intend to watch some of the games on a desktop computer, 25% on a tablet and 23% on a smartphone.
  • Twitter is predicting that 60% of the conversations during a live match will pertain to football, confirming that television isn’t just something to watch anymore – it’s a way to connect.

Granted, sports fans are a passionate bunch, however today’s consumers research their options and shop with the same purpose and passion. A recent study from Forrester highlights the expectations of these “connected” consumers:

  • 66% of consumers discover new products or services through digital devices vs. offline channels
  • 44% of consumers who use a smartphone in the discovery phase say it’s because it was the device closest to them
  • 71% of customers react negatively to inconsistencies in brand experience across devices; 1-in-10 state that inconsistencies will make them stop interacting with a brand altogether

At its core, your digital business strategy is not about technology but rather about the people that use that technology and the value it brings.  Businesses must examine the full customer lifecycle looking for gaps in the customer experience and finding ways to integrate services and content across channels. Increasingly, we are using multiple screens (tablet, PC, smartphone) to make life easier and more meaningful, whether we are cheering our favourite football team or researching summer camp options for the kids.


***With this post we welcome Isabelle Perreault, VP Digital Transformation, to Stratford Managers.

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