The Best Resolution This Year

by: Stratford Managers

We’re almost a month into 2016 so it’s time to check how we’re all progressing with our new year’s resolutions. We’ve managed to get to the gym more regularly (our resolution). How about you?

We’re always interested in what other people resolve because it provides insight into their personalities and helps me decide whether we’re being ambitious enough in our own goals. Let’s focus on the benefits of creating a schedule, instead of solely focusing on resolutions for the year.

To build a schedule you need to set priorities because there isn’t enough time in a week to get everything you want done.

To set priorities you need to understand what is important to you. This forces you to be explicit about your values and the criteria you use to make decisions.

Once you start building your schedule you realize that you must plan in a nested way – there’s a daily plan, within a weekly plan, within a monthly plan, within an annual plan and so on.  This simple exercise causes you to create time bounded, coherent, cumulative objectives and to make tough trade-offs.

As you progress it also gives you the opportunity to evaluate your performance against your schedule and reflect on how to improve.

Preparing a schedule not only helps you get the right stuff done, it hones the skills that are essential for a successful life and career. Preparing a schedule could change your life!

Being intentional about how you spend your most valuable resource, your time, turns out to be one of the best new year resolutions we’ve come across in years.

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