Top 5 Habits of High Performing Leaders – Habit #1

by: Dean Fulford

People are often promoted based on their excellent job performance or technical skills, but do not have a comparable degree of competence in their “people skills”. Today’s workplace demands that leaders at all levels be able to build strong relationships with others, especially in motivating and developing employees to drive better business results. So what do high performing leaders have that others don’t? High performing leaders possess habits that drive performance and results. We’ve put together the list of the Top 5 Habits

Aligns team and individual work to the organization’s direction

Effective leaders are able to align their team and the work of each member to the direction the organization is going. They review their own work objectives to ensure they are in line with the organization’s goals, then enthusiastically monitor team activity to keep efforts aligned. They stay current on advances and trends in their industry or field, proactively keep themselves up-to-date on organization decisions, then engage their team to achieve those future plans.

In a blog post titled Business Execution – Getting Things Done, Business Operations expert Colleen Kelly, remarks on the importance of leadership aligning team and individual work to the organization’s direction:

“We have participated in many strategic planning sessions only to see the PowerPoint charts filed away and dusted off when reviewed the following year. Without leadership commitment and drive to create the day-to-day linkages between the strategy and execution of the company, it can be wasted effort. The strategy must be held together with commonly understood processes and culture that reinforce the goals of the organization and the accountability required of its business leaders.”

This is the first blog in the series where we will reveal the top 5 habits of high performing leaders. If you can’t wait for the next blog post in this series to discover the remaining four habits you can download the full e-book The Top 5 Habits of High Performing Leaders.

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